About Aqua Pools Dubai

Aqua Pools Dubai

Who we are

We are a friendly and professional pool services & renovation company

We are group of companies and started our business in 1972 in UAE as an electro mechanical company, we are thriving signature in electro-mechanical, pool & Landscaping companies in Dubai, UAE.

We are earning a lot of appraising on our breathtaking Landscape Architecture and Gardening. Our firm delivers excellence and eminence that leads to the satisfaction and gratification of our customers.

Our crew encompasses of hardworking, reliable and fervent associates who keep any demands and requirements of our client in check. We will go to extraordinary bounds and make it certain that our customers get what they visualized.

Aqua clear pool is a leading Swimming Pool, Landscape Architecture and Gardening Company. Aqua Clear pool has been maintaining its commitment towards quality, loyalty, customer delight, value for money, and best Landscaping services.

We take pride in providing customized solutions for Swimming Pool Construction, Water Features, and Soft & Hard landscape works. We take pride in providing you with stunning and innovative design solutions.


Design & Build

Our team is highly skilled and equipped to build custom designed concrete pools and spas. custom design & construct swimming pools. on time, on budget. competitive....

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Swimming Pools

We are an expert & recognized swimming pool and landscaping company with a European style the most unique and luxurious swimming pools…

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Renovations Pools

We provides a full line of reliable and professional swimming pool renovation & cleaning services in Dubai. Hire our expert team to take care of your pool & you sit back to relax....

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Other Services

Fiberglass Pool

Aqua Pools Dubai offers top quality fiberglass pools. We can completely install the pool of your dreams for you and your family.


Specialists In Modern Garden Landscape and Building. We understand that serving the customer comes before everything else.


We, the leading Jacuzzi construction company can make your pool wonderful. We can bring your imagination to life by a customized Jacuzzi.


Water features help to turn your landscape something special. Our custom made pools can incorporate several different water features.

Outdoor Seating

Aqua Pools Dubai is most professional and expret in creating amazing Outdoor Seating that is perfect for you home to relax & enjoy.


We are the most well-regarded pergola contractors. Pergolas provide your home with a wonderful appearance and feel.

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